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Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis (L1930)

Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis (L1930)

Indications: Mild drop foot secondary to CVA and other neurological conditions 

  • Designed to prevent foot drop, heel cord tightness, and to support the foot in a proper position
  • Injection molded durable polyethylene material
  • Lightweight and easy to use hook and loop material
  • Open heel and lower calf section design for patient comfort
  • Rigid yet can be trimmed for a customized fit


Suggested HCPCS code: L1930  (click for HCPC coding language)  

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Men Shoe Size

Women Shoe Size

Part #


Women Small


6 - 10



Women Large


10.5 - 15



Men Small

5 - 9




Men Large

9.5 - 14



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