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NEW Midmark 414/416/417 Main Control Board

NEW Midmark 414/416/417 Main Control Board


NEW Main Control Board For Midmark 414, 416 & 417 Podiatry Chair


*NEW Main Board that works on the Midmark 414, 416 or 417 podiatry chair.

*1-Year Warranty (fully refundable if doesn't fix chair issues)

*Made In The U.S.

*Ships In 1-2 Days



1) Is it a new or used electronic board?

It's a brand new compatible board. Not refurbish. It was designed and manufactured in the USA. It has been designed to fit Midmark® 416/417 chairs and it will make all the required movements .


2) Does it have Warranty?

Yes. One (1) Year Warranty on manufacturing defects. Customers must cover all the shipping costs.


3) Does it work with my Midmark® 417?

This Compatible Main Board is designed to work with Midmark® 416 and Midmark® 417.


4) Is it easy to install as plug and play?

Yes. Board size and connectors are similar. There should be no problem at all when replacing it.

Note: Compatible Main Board comes with detailed programing instructions. You must have a Hand Controller to program the board.


5) If it doesn't work, can I return it and get my money back?

Yes, absolutely.


6) I need to buy a hand controller for my chair. Do you sell it?

We do sell Compatible Hand Controllers for Midmark® 414/416/417.


7) Can you repair my old Main Board instead?

Yes. We can evaluate it for $100 in 24 hours one received. Typical repairs are around $650. And we offer a 6 month warranty. We will send a repair estimate and wait for your decision.


8) Are shipping costs included ?

We send our products using Fedex nationwide. Cost is $69.95 flat (covers return shipping cost if board doesn't fix chair issues)

    $1,295.00 Regular Price
    $895.00Sale Price
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