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AirSock (L1902)

AirSock (L1902)

The AirSock was created to be used while ambulating and is designed to support treatment of plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and/or achilles tendonitis. The AirSock is made with a soft silky breathable fabric that encloses connected pneumatic cells located under the foot arch and on both sides of the heel. With each step air transfers between the cells and provides a massage like compression that helps reduce pain, discomfort, and swelling while enhancing circulation. Easy to apply and a perfect compliment to a Night Splint for the best continuum of care.


PDAC Approved L1902. Avg National Fee Schedule $83.22.


Design Highlights: 
Constructed of a very lightweight and breathable fabric for patient comfort and compliance 
Utilizes air cells under the foot and behind the heel to create a massaging effect to help break the pain cycle and increase circulation Easy application by pulling on the product (like a sock) and adjusting one strap for a proper fit

  • Suggested HCPCS code: L1902 (click for HCPC coding language)
  • Logo Available


Size                 SKU               Men's Shoe Size              Women's Shoe Size

Small               T59422          <6                                    <7

Medium           T59424           6.5-11                             7.5-12

Large               T59426           11.5-14                          12.5-15

XLarge             T59428            14+                                15+

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