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Foot Massage


Since 2011 our team has worked with podiatry and orthopedic clinics nationally.  Per each product were partnered directly with the manufacturer (MFG).  We have no sales representatives, fancy offices or other overhead that other MFG's, distributors or dealers pass on to offices. Which results in higher costs that you pay.  We know of no other distributor/dealer that offers our quality of products at our pricing.  


Additionally, it's important to know that we manufacturer in the same overseas factories that the major brands use.  Why overpay for the devices that include a fancy manufacturer logo?  Also, remember that your reimbursements don't change per the manufacturer, we all use the same HCPC codes as the others.  Including ones with PDAC approvals from CMS.


Looking for FREE MARKETING?  Include your practice logo on the applicable devices.  If wanting to use this service email your high resolution logo to  Thereafter, your logo will be included on the applicable devices (ones with enough strap space).  Make sure to select the "w/logo" option when ordering.  

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