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NEW Midmark 414/416/417 Hand Controller

NEW Midmark 414/416/417 Hand Controller


New Hand Controller for Midmark 414, 416 or 417 models.  


*1-year warranty and fully refundable if doesnt fix chair issues (could be mother board or actuators in the chair that are not working)

*Made In The U.S.

*Ships Same/Next Day Of Order

*Includes Table Tilt, Back Tilt, Tilt & Foot Tilt Functions

*4 Programable Settings



1) Is it a new controller?

Yes. It's a brand new controller. Not refurbish. Is a similar compatible hand controller manufactured by our vendor


2) Does it have Warranty?

Yes. One (1) Year Warranty


3) Does it work with my Midmark 417?

This Hand Controller is designed to work with Midmark® 414, Midmark® 416 and Midmark® 417.


4) Does it come with the connecting cable?

Yes. One new (1) connecting cable 1.5" long.


5) If it doesn't work, can I return it and get my money back?

Yes, absolutely.


6) Can you repair my old hand controller?

Yes. We can evaluate it for $75 in 24 hours one received. Typical repairs are around $400. And we offer a 1 year warranty as well.


7) Are shipping costs included ?

We send our products using Fedex for 2 days nationwide. Cost is $69.95 flat (covers return shipping cost if doesn't fix the chair issue).

    $995.00 Regular Price
    $795.00Sale Price
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